Our Mission

The Hilltopper is committed to providing Saint Anselm College students with accurate campus news and respectful dialogue about campus issues and issues beyond campus. In doing so, The Hilltopper will respect the dignity of individuals, include marginalized voices, and insist upon transparency from the College. The staff of the Hilltopper has a deep devotion to protecting the integrity of Saint Anselm College and therefore reserves the right to publish criticism when necessary.

We are not the official school newspaper of Saint Anselm College, but we do invite all students at Saint A’s to be involved in our online newspaper. If you’d like to send in an opinion piece or become a staff writer, please contact Editor-in-Chief Meghan Query (mquery467@anselm.edu) or Chief of Staff Bryan Lavoie (blavoie438@anselm.edu).

Editorials and letters in the “Opinion” section reflect only the views of the individual writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Hilltopper, its editors, or staff writers.