Russo’s Review: C-Shop Veggie Burger

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Meg Russo of Russo’s Review with today’s review item: the Veggie Burger from C-Shop.

Hi Y’all! Welcome to Russo’s first Review, where I will be talking about all the meals I consume at Saint A’s.  To share a little about myself, I am a vegetarian who is trying to go dairy free, and I love to snack. I texted my friend Meg on Thursday and we got ourselves over to the Coffee Shop/Pub to enjoy a Meg meal.

Being a vegetarian is very hard on this campus, and eating at the Coffee Shop is even harder to pull off.  I decided to try the veggie burger with a side of fries. I also got a side of hot sauce with it. To top it all off, I decided to drink an Angry Orchard.

This veggie burger was an 8/10 as it tasted delicious by itself with no bun or extra items. The veggie burger had many peas, corn, and beans in it and tasted wicked good dipped into the hot sauce/ ranch dip mix.

The angry orchard was also yummy and would recommend to a friend but I would suggest that the C-Shop replace the Angry Orchard draft with Harpoon Cider. My reasoning is strictly about the health of campus! Harpoon cider only has 7 grams of sugar whereas the Angry Orchard has 24 grams of sugar.

Stay tuned for next week’s meal. It’s my go-to Davison-to-go order!

Russo’s Review is a new weekly column written by junior class president Meg Russo ’19.

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