Russo’s Review: Meg’s Secret Salad Recipe

Meg Russo ’19 with her own salad recipe. Photo courtesy of Meg.

Today at lunch I decided to get an easy to-go meal: A salad! As a vegetarian, one of my main meals is a salad. I recently decided to take eggs out of my diet as I am trying to transition to becoming a vegan. Normally, I would add a hard boil egg to my salads but not anymore.

I absolutely prefer the salad bar in Davison rather than the salad plate from the Coffee Shop. The coffee shop salads really only contain iceberg lettuce, instead of romaine, kale, or spinach. The salad bar in Davison has the option to add whatever you want. The ability to create your own salad is especially helpful if you are allergic to or do not like certain vegetables. When I get a salad from Davison, I like to start by getting two big black colored bowls so I can easily shake everything together.

During lunch today, I started the base of my salad with romaine and a handful of spinach. I almost always get the question “how do you get enough protein in your diet” and the answer is actually you get more protein than you are required to consume on a meat diet. Therefore, I am getting enough protein eating my whole vegetables, chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa meals.

After the lettuce, I then proceeded to add a big scoop of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and corn. Corn was the outside factor and special guest in my salad because I have not seen corn in a long time at the salad bar! For my dressing, I used oil olive and salt and pepper to add an extra flavor. The only thing about my salad that I did not like was the avocado. The avocados were not good at Davison today as they were too squishy and appeared brown. Usually, I do love a good avocado in my salad, as it is a good source of vitamin C, potassium, and it helps lower bad cholesterol.

Overall, I would have to give this salad a 9.25/10 because the bad avocado did not mix well with the rest of the vegetables.

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