Meet the Candidates: Gina Gagliardi ’22, President

Gina Gagliardi ’22 is running for freshman class president. (Photo courtesy of Gagliardi)

Gina Gagliardi is a Nursing major from Somerset, Massachusetts, near Fall River. Her campaign slogan is “The girl with the smile will go the extra mile.” Immediately upon meeting her, it is clear why. Her smile, ear to ear, is hugely infectious.

She said she didn’t have any intentions to run for Student Government but, after arriving on campus, was persuaded by one of her new friends. She said she would have run for any of the positions and the presidency is just the one that fit the best because her goal is to “make St. A’s a better place and make everyone happy.”

She stressed the importance of having “fun fundraisers.” When asked for examples, she supplied several, including a campus scavenger hunt. Most of the prizes, she hoped, would be donated by the community and students would participate through an entry fee. For the colder months, Gina suggested a game night, hosted by the Class of 2022 but open to the entire campus population with an admission fee. Class baking competitions or a barbeque-style cookout were also suggested as ways to build bonds between the class while also raising necessary funds. She believes her experience as the Vice President of her Best Buddies chapter and attending a leadership conference at Indiana University are boons in the process of planning and organizing such events.

Gina has enjoyed running for president of her class. Her first step in her plan to “make everyone happy?” Bake cookies. In the Joan of Arc Hall kitchen, she baked enough cookies for every member of the Class of 2022. She acknowledged that there is stiff competition from the other candidates, arguing that, since they are all Politics majors, they have a head start on her in terms of speech writing and “the political scheme of things.”

She said what sets her apart is that she’s trying to take everyone’s opinions into account when coming up with campaign proposals, instead of focusing on “a few loud voices,” such as those that have been driving the discussion around intervisitation.

She said she was “taken by surprise” when those came up during class speeches and the Q&A period. Gina acknowledged that “there is a reason why [the policy is] there” and stressed her desire to “respect the [Monastery’s] wishes as much as possible because they live here for their lifetime; we live here for four years.”

She said any changes to the policy would have to come through a roundtable discussion but she wasn’t sure what kind of role she would have in it since school-wide policy falls under the purview of the Student Senate and its members more so than the class presidents.

Gina chose Saint Anselm College because it immediately “felt like home and felt like they wanted [her].” She cited Davison Dining Hall as a major factor in Saint Anselm College feeling like home, saying that “the food is great.” She emphasized that that experience of eating the same food she’s going to eat for the next four years, rather than something special for admissions, was a big deal for her. Gina’s go-to order at the Coffee Shop is mozzarella sticks for a snack or a teriyaki steak sandwich if she’s getting a meal.

If you’re looking for her around campus this weekend, unfortunately, you won’t be able to find her. She is heading home for Ed Sheeran’s concert at Gillette Stadium on Friday night but she said she “almost didn’t want to leave” Saint A’s, and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the English pop star and wanting to see her dog.

Voting is Wednesday, September 19 and Thursday, September 20.

Published by

Cameron Lapine

Cameron Lapine is the Beyond Campus Editor for The Hilltopper and a senior Politics Major and History Minor at Saint Anselm College. He is from North Adams, Massachusetts.

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