Meet the Candidates: Trevor Nelson ’22, President

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Trevor Nelson ’22 is running for class president. (Photo courtesy of Nelson)

Trevor Nelson is a Politics major from Kennebunk, Maine. He cites a lifelong interest in politics as a reason why he’s running for President of the Class of 2022, saying that “naturally, the two, hand in hand, kind of go.” He wants to be someone that the class can look up to and, in some way, shape or form the Class of 2022’s future. He hopes that the campaign process will be a strong way to build bonds within the class and that conversations about the issues the class is passionate about will, hopefully, lead to friendships.

Trevor personally disagrees with the College’s intervisitation policy but understands that “more than anything else, we’re at a Catholic school with monks on campus…who have set these standards for us.” He acknowledged that the Class of 2022 is not the first freshman class on campus to take issue with the policy but argues that it is a unifier among the class as it is something many students are passionate about.

He also expressed support for keeping the campus green and clean, advocating for increased recycling and trash receptacles around campus, especially near the entryway to Dominic Hall. Trevor also pointed out that the campus uses “a lot of water” to keep the ground looking as good as it does.

He has been vocal about joining the Saint Anselm College Democrats but doesn’t think that that will risk alienation of his classmates in the campaign. “I think I can be openminded. I think the school itself is pretty conservative in the nature of its policies but I think you have a really active student body, not just from a liberal or Democratic side but also from a conservative side.” He stressed the importance of giving everyone a voice in the Class of 2022 and on campus.

Trevor chose Saint Anselm College over several other schools in New England. He cited the Politics program as a deciding factor, saying “It’s so hard, when you come here, to not be impressed by the NHIOP and all the courses they offer.” The College is also about an hour and a half from his home, which he described as “a good enough distance to be away but still close enough.” It was the first school he visited last fall during his college search and it stuck with him the most over the four or five other schools he looked at.

His go-to order at the Coffee Ship is a cheese calzone, “countered with one of the fruit or veggie cups” available near the register, probably with an iced tea.

Voting is Wednesday, September 19 and Thursday, September 20.

Published by

Cameron Lapine

Cameron Lapine is the Beyond Campus Editor for The Hilltopper and a senior Politics Major and History Minor at Saint Anselm College. He is from North Adams, Massachusetts.

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