Lyons Calls on Anselmians to Attend LGBTQ+ Events

Although the semester on the Hilltop is coming to a close, the next few weeks are full of on-campus events. LGBTQ+ issues have been a common topic of conversation this semester, and three upcoming events seek to celebrate every diverse and unique individual on campus.

The first event, occurring next Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 in Perini, is a panel composed of identifying students. This will be the first of many events put on by the new True Equality and Dignity Alliance. Kelsey Warner, T.E.D.A. President says of the event, “The Purpose of the LGBTQ+ Anselmians panel is to make the ‘other’ familiar in community. It is often so easy for any person to make generalizations about a community without knowing the people that decision may affect. As such, we are hoping to show the community that not only do identifying students exist on this campus, they are heavily involved, recognizable Anselmians. We are trying to facilitate a community discussion, but also encourage people to ask questions of the LGBTQ+ panelists to clarify assumptions or stereotypes about the community. Ultimately, we are trying to show that this group is a part of the Anselmian community, and want that community to be as informed as it can be about the individuals that are a part of it.”

The next event is a celebration of LGBTQ+ individuals. Sophomore RA Matt Solomon has worked with dozens of individuals from all reaches of the Saint Anselm community to make this event a success. “LGBTQ+ Visibility Day is an effort to showcase the support of the Saint Anselm community for LGBTQ+ Anselmians. The lack of visible support for the LGBTQ+ community is a large factor in their high suicide and homelessness rates. This event is a celebration of the overwhelming love and unity we share as Anselmians. Yet it also serves as a message for those on campus who may not feel comfortable publicly expressing themselves on campus that they are welcome here. We will have music, yard games, snow cones, a LOT of food, raffles, a performance by Hint of Lime, and much more!” Matt says. Keep an eye out for this monumental event next Thursday from 4:00-6:00 on the Alumni Quad!

Finally, in keeping with tradition, Saint Anselm College will participate in a national Day of Silence. T.E.D.A. treasurer and junior education/English double major Abby Garland sheds some light on what Day of Silence means: “Day of Silence is an annual day of action that holds the purpose of bringing awareness to the effects that bullying and harassment have on those students of the LGBTQ+ community. By taking a day-long vow of silence, those who participate stand with the LGBTQ+ students who have been silenced. This day is more than an excuse to not talk in class. This day is for showing support and giving recognition to those that have been made to feel that they have no voice.” T.E.D.A. will have a table in Davison with more information as well as stickers that students and faculty can take to show support.

I know that the last few weeks of the semester are insanely busy for college students, but if you find yourself with a free moment, I urge you to stop by these three events. At a time when there is so much conflict surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, it is important to reassure identifying students that they have a place on the Hilltop. While each event seeks to explain and celebrate the other, at the end of the day, we are all Anselmians.