Anselmian Abbey Players to Put Shakespeare’s Macbeth on the Green

After a tumultuous year dealing with the many setbacks felt from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Anselmian Abbey Players continue to find a way to do what they love and perform great theater for the Saint Anselm campus. Their upcoming production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth will be the first major production that the new director of the Abbey Players, Daniel Bird Tobin, will be spearheading. Macy Doucette (‘22) is stepping in as the Assistant Director for the production. This show is unlike anything many members of this community have seen before. They will be performing, not in their typical home in the Koonz Theater, but instead braving the elements outside on the rugby field for three showings on April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd all at 7:30pm. The cast and crew are beyond excited to present the show as they have been working diligently putting it together, even with a few hiccups along the way.

Macbeth tells the story of three witches who predict for Macbeth that he will one day rise to the throne and become the King of Scotland. Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth then kills the king, takes the crown for himself, and proceeds to kill many more out of paranoia. A civil war erupts to overthrow Macbeth, resulting in even more tragedy. It is one of Shakespeare’s most timeless and detailed works and, despite being sent home for two weeks in the middle of the rehearsal process, the Abbey Players were up for the challenge. Unlike other shows the Abbey Players have put on, this show will be staged in the round, meaning that audience members will be seated on all sides of the stage and get an up close and personal view of the actors on stage.

The show stars seasoned veterans of the Abbey Players, Morganne Mutkowski (‘22) as Macbeth and Nicole Sherwood (‘21) as Lady Macbeth. The cast is rounded out with Izzy Petrosino (‘24), Phillip Dragone (‘21), Christine Quirion (‘22), Ryan McDonough (‘22), Flannery Moore (‘24), Madison McKeon (‘21), Mia Tidd (‘24), Daniel Gaby (‘23) and Bryan Lavoie (‘22). 

To reserve your spot, as seating is limited, sign up to attend any of the three shows here. Bring a blanket for a spot on the grass, or instead choose to sit in a chair for this incredible production.

Abbey Players Deliver Stellar Performance with All My Sons

At this point, it should come as no surprise that the ever talented, passionate and engaging actors of the Anselmian Abbey Players delivered yet another knockout performance with their debut of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.

The show, which opened Thursday night, is directed by Dr. Landis K. Magnuson and stars Abbey Players veterans Phil Dragone, Morganne Mutkoski, Bryan Lavoie, and Nicole Sherwood. An impressive cast of supporting players including Aidan Lewis, Macy Doucette, Ryan McDonough, Erin Golden, and Freshman Andrew Gianattasio also accompanied the aforementioned actors. Throughout the performance, each demonstrated their reoccurring ability to display their passion, emotion, and dramatic talents emblematic of an Abbey Player.

Set after World War II, All My Sons follows the tragic and emotionally fragile life of Joe (Dragone) and Kate (Mutkoski) Keller, as they cope with the wartime disappearance of their son Larry. Chris (Lavoie), Joe and Kate’s sole surviving son, urges the family to move on and seeks to marry his brother’s widow, Ann Deever (Sherwood). Throughout the duration of the show, tensions grow and weaknesses are revealed as Joe attempts to provide the American dream of prosperity for his family while simultaneously battling demons of the past; Kate holds on to hope that her son Larry is alive despite the contrary beliefs of her family; Chris and Ann struggle to find peace in their love for each other; Ann’s brother George (Lewis) attempts to protect his families pride from the Kellers; and an imposing and nosey set of neighbors seek the latest gossip. This show is sure to keep audience members on the edge of their seats, and will leave everyone stunned, impressed, and astounded at the conclusion of this dramatic story.

I would highly recommend that everyone go see these incredibly talented Anselmians in the Abbey Players’ production of All My Sons. They never disappoint, and this show is no exception. Student tickets cost just $7, and you can attend this show either Friday, November 8 or Saturday, November 9 at 7:30 p.m.

*This show contains violent material which may be triggering to some audience members