Bernice King Speaks to SAC Students at NSLS Event

Bernice King, daughter of famous racial justice activist Martin Luther King Jr, graced Saint Anselm students on Tuesday night with a presentation, detailing the King Center, which was founded by her mother, Coretta King. During the presentation, she touched upon the current racial issues of our time and the importance of never giving in, for everyone faces some form of adversity in the developing, complex world that could be aided by overcoming the boundaries of diversity.

King talked about her creation of the movement ‘be loved,’ where she is trying to redefine the term love to be more inclusive of diversity, while also committing to ensuring racial justice. King hopes to inspire others and humanity to love, care, and build communities instead of dividing and building barriers against others. She even offered an interactive element to her broadcast which gave three students from different chapters of NSLS, the chance to join her ‘be loved’ program and directly interact with the King Center and its members.

Thank you to the Saint Anselm chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success for offering this wonderful broadcast to the entire Saint Anselm community!